Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant

Baltimore, MD
City of Baltimore Department of Public Works
Contract Value: 
Year Completed: 

Clark Civil, in a joint venture with Ulliman Schutte, will improve the Headworks and Wet Weather Equalization Facilities at the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant in Baltimore, MD.

Prior to this contract, Clark Civil’s Water Group provided over a year of preconstruction services, including the development of alternative technical concepts to comply with stricter water quality requirements for facility improvements. In the field, Clark’s team will update the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant to address storm water run-off and hydraulic restrictions to prevent backups and overflows to the wastewater system during storm events.

The project team will replace the plant’s existing headworks and increase influent capacity to 469 million gallons per day. The team also will improve screening facilities, pumping stations, and the grit removal process, as well as construct two above-grade tanks to provide 36 million gallons of storage for wet weather.

Clark Foundations and Clark Concrete are part of the project team and will perform support of excavation and cast-in-place concrete work, respectively.